Hair Extensions

Remy cuticle hair is the highest quality human hair that you can purchase. It is human hair that has been collected from one person, hair donors simply tie their hair into a ponytail and the hair is cut from the root. The hair is then the full length of the strands, from the root to the end. This process of collecting the hair ensures that all hair cuticles are facing in one direction and are fully intact.The condition of cuticles is vital to the appearance of hair because cuticles are the protective layer that protects hair and also reflect light-giving you gorgeous shiny hair!

What length should I choose?

If you want to go really long 22″ , you’ll need to have hair past your shoulders. If you want hair to come down to boob-length, then 18″ is a very natural length to choose.  If you would prefer hair that sits just below the boob, then choose 20″ hair.  For those going from very short, to shoulder-blade length, we use the 14″ hair.  And for hair that sits above the boob, a 16″ length is perfect.

How Many Packs do I need for a natural looking hair? 

  • 1 Pack  (25 microring strands or 8 wefts)
  • 2 Packs (50 microring strands or 16 wefts)
  • 3 Packs (75 microring strands or 24 wefts)
  • 4 Packs (100 microring strands or 32 wefts)
  • 5 Packs (125 microring strands or 40 wefts)
  • 6 Packs (150 microring strands or 48 wefts)

If You have:

  • short, thick hair - would like longer hair? Choose 6 Packs.
  • short, normal hair - would like longer hair? Choose 5 Packs.
  • short, thin hair - would like longer hair? Choose 4 Packs.
  • Already have long hair - would like only volume? Choose 2 Packs.
  • mid length,- would like volume and a little length? Choose 3 Packs.
  • really fine hair - would like volume for a healthy look? Choose 1 or 2 Packs.  
  • mid length, thick hair - would like lots of added length? Choose 6 Packs.  
  • mid length, normal hair - would like lots of added length? Choose 5 Packs.  
  • mid length, thin hair - would like lots of added length? Choose 4 Packs.  
  • want to add hair to the sides only? Choose 1 or 2 Packs.