Beautiful Extensions

All hair is genuine human cuticle Remy hair

Transformation Connections create an extremely natural and beautiful finish - the opposite of the fake look of so many other types of extensions.

Wide range of colours available including pre-mixed shades

Transformation Connections comes in two different widths- small and medium. Stylists can create a bespoke look for their clients based on the overall look the client wants to achieve and the natural thickness of their hair.

Easy application

Application time is far quicker and easier than pre-bonded or bulk hair application, once trained a full head can be completed in 1 ½ hour.

Hair Safety

Hair Safety No glue-No heat-No weaving means NO DAMAGE to natural hair Unlike traditional micro-ring application there is no metal to hair contact Transformation connections can be easily removed; there is no residue to wash out of hair and no need to purchase expensive removing fluid. The ring at the top of each Transformation Connection limits the amount of natural hair that can be used to apply each extension. The weight ratio is perfectly equal so you can only pull through hair which weights the same amount as the hair extension. This design feature prevents tension at the root and stops natural hair being put under pressure by heavy extensions at the root. Easy to maintain.

Reusable concept

Transformation Connections are reusable up to 3 times after the first application making the system less wasteful. Your client can wear them for a year if they are refitted every 12 weeks or 3 months. When Transformation Connections are removed with the Transformer they are instantly ready to be reapplied.

In comparison with other hair extension products this turns out to be less expensive than most other systems. Making it more affordable by a larger group of clients that now can have a high grade product for less money.

PerfecTress® Transformation Connections

 are innovative, all-in-one hair extensions, in which the hair and application ring are built in one streamlined design. Each Transformation Connection can then be applied to natural hair without the use of any heat, glue or weaving. The finished look is natural and beautiful.