Colour or Highlights ...All in 1 hour!

Your hair will be coloured and looking beautiful in just one hour. So, these are perfect for when you’re between colour services or if you want to update your look, but are short on time.

Fast Lights
If you’re usually a highlights queen, but have noticed a bit of regrowth, you can try the Fast Lights. This nifty sixty minute service will help erase your root-growth, leaving you longer before your next full head of highlights.

Blend & Go

If you’ve never coloured your hair, but want to give your natural shade a bit of a boost, then the Blend & Go service might be perfect for you. Your hairdresser will blend two different low-commitment shades through you hair for a rich finish. Ideal for concealing the first signs of grey hair.

Flash Colour

Since summer is officially here, it’s the perfect time to add a glow to your hair. With the Flash Colour service, your hairdresser will add lightened pieces to frame your face, leaving you looking radiant.

Express Fast Lights Ombré

If you’re feeling bolder, and want to add a fashion twist even in your lunch break, why not try the Fashion Ombré and add beautiful, red tones to the ends of your hair.