Perfectress Volumizer

The Volumizer is truly a unique product that shines a new light on thinning hair problems in the top and crown areas.


Volumizers are also suitable as a perfect alternative to hair extensions. The advantage is that now it is possible for people with very fine hair to have hair extensions. 

• Instant volume
• Ideal for fine and thinning hair
• Colour effects - Highlights or Lowlights

Invisible to the eye

The unique way of threading the natural hair through the fixing points and securing them, ensures that the Connection Point will never stand out from the
Volumizer making it invisible to the eye while still allowing some movement.

High tech design

With its stretchable and self molding silicone base the Volumizer can be worn comfortably and securely. The unique injection moulded silicone base
can withstand all normal hair treatments and is only vulnerable to scissors, knives or razors.​

Why You should use Volumizer:

If you are suffering from hair loss and cannot wear hair extensions

Fast application without the use of glue, heat or weaving

No more tape sticking to the natural hair after removal.
Cost effective. A volumizer can be worn for up to a year
Suitable for fine and thinning hair.
Volumizers can withstand chemical treatments such as colouring